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AFSCME Local 448, a union representing State of Illinois employees and workers in Northwestern Illinois.
AFSCME Local 448 representing State of Illinois workers in Northwestern Illinois
AFSCME Local 448 Union representing State of Illinois workers in Northwestern Illinois

Expanded Access To COVID Vaccinations!

— MARCH 23, 2021 —

Governor Pritzker announced last week that ALL “government workers” are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

That effectively means all public employees can act right now to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated — state workers from every agency; city or county employees; and employees of universities, school districts, park districts, housing authorities or any other public bodies.


There are now three vaccines available — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. All have proven safe and effective pursuant to rigorous clinical trials and FDA approval. Already, more than 43 million Americans have been fully vaccinated with virtually no adverse effects.


For appointments and more information about COVID-19 vaccinations:

Find a vaccination location near you and schedule your appointment:

Or you can call the state’s Vaccination Appointment Call Center at 833-621-1284. Read and download our AFSCME COVID-19 Fact Sheet that responds to the most common questions that have been raised by union members.


Visit the Council 31 website's vaccine page which includes several videos that go into greater detail about the vaccines.

COVID vaccinations are the most potent weapon we have in the battle to halt the transmission of the coronavirus and begin to restore so much of what we value in our daily lives.


Vaccination is truly a lifesaver. Although COVID-19 is little more than a bad version of the flu for some, for others it can cause real suffering — terrible headaches, extreme weakness, “brain fog.” It can mean weeks in the hospital, unable to breathe without oxygen or to survive without being on a ventilator. And then, tragically, there are those for whom COVID-19 is a sentence to a slow, painful and lonely death.


That's why it’s so critical that all of us take advantage of this new opportunity to get vaccinated now. Don’t delay in making the call or going on line to make your appointment. Vaccinations will be open to every adult in Illinois beginning April 12. At that point, the demand will greatly increase — so right now is the best time for public employees to act. In many units of government our union has been successful in pressing for special COVID time off policies that allow employees to be vaccinated during work hours without using their own benefit time. We are also urging employers to make vaccinations available at the worksite. Check with your local union to find out what the policies are for employees in your workplace.


For more than a year now, AFSCME members all across the state of Illinois — and all across the country — have been on the front lines in the battle to protect the health, well-being and lives of all those we serve. Now we have the opportunity to better protect ourselves in that essential battle and to move our country forward to better days.


In unity,


Roberta Lynch

Executive Director

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